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Prior to scheduling a tour, click the + in each section below to review our selection criteria and confirm you are pre-qualified to live at one of our communities:

PreQualification Checklist

☐ 3 X Rent: Gross income (combined with all residents over 18) totals 3 times Market Rent – Standard Deposit.

☐ 2.5 – 3 X Rent: If Combined Gross Income is 2.5 – 3 times market rent, resident can be approved with a double Standard Deposit

☐ < 2.5 X Rent: Declined

Must be consistently employed by current employer for most recent 3 months

✓ Provide income documentation for most recent three months
✓In the instance of new employment, contingent upon completion of full background check, prospect may be accepted with 2x Standard Deposit

My Vantage 3.0 Credit Score is:

✓ 781 +: 50% Standard Deposit
✓ 661 – 780: Standard Deposit
✓ 601 – 660: 1.5X Standard Deposit
✓ 550 – 600: Conditional Approval – Double Standard Deposit
✓ Below 549: Declined (without Cosigner or 4X Income to Rent Ratio*)

*Scores from 510-549 require Gross income of 4X Rent; $4,000 Refundable Security Deposit; Credit must not reflect negative credit lines related to housing.


✓ Open Bankruptcy – Decline
✓ Bankruptcy discharged within 7 years: Manual Review

☐ Accounts in Good Standing

✓ 80%+ Accounts in Good standing: Approved
✓ 50% – 79% Accounts in Good Standing: Increased Security Deposit
✓ <50% Accounts in Good Standing: Decline

☐ Collections

✓ 3 or more accounts in collections: Increased Security Deposit
✓8 or more accounts in collections: Decline*

(*Excludes: amounts <$999; Medical; student)

☐ Eviction Judgement within last 2 years: Decline
☐ Eviction Judgement within last 4 years: Increased Security Deposit (2x)
☐ Positive Landlord Verification Report

☐ Felonies: Manual Review Required
☐ Misdemeanors: Manual Review Required
☐ Criminal Offenses charged within last 5 years
☐ Extreme crimes such as Violence, Sex Crimes, Drug Manufacturing and/or Distribution may be declined upon manual review
☐ Sexual Offender or OFAC/Terrorist reports: Declined

☐ Prospects will be forthright, thorough, and honest throughout the application process.

BrightDoor Properties will not decline any applicant or prospective renter on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, familial status, handicap, source of funds, affectional preferences, or immigration status. BrightDoor Properties, LLC hereby reaffirms our commitment to do business in accordance with the Federal Housing Law (Fair Housing Amendment Act of 1988) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Amendments – October 1, 1997.

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